Masta. Our friend from iFVPA.

Mar 3, 2020, 9:26 PM


Hi! Please, tell little about yourself.

Hi! My name Blaise Masta, I am 29 and I live in Geneva. My profession is electrician. 

When was you meet with «Pro-Clubs» mode ? 

I have been in «Pro-Clubs» mode since its creation (2012). I know all the club captains and European nations and more. I have played as a player in all the sites, all the leagues of the different professional clubs of FIFA. 

You are «Pro-Clubs» player ? You have pro-clubs team? 

I've always played in a pro club since the creation of this mode. I started playing in the «Pro Clubs» mode in French teams. It was from 2012 to 2014 on the «FVPA» website. The only site that really represents the best French clubs in «Pro-Clubs» mode. 

Since 2015, I have been the director of the Swiss national team.

Currently I am player of the Italian Team: FCB Legacy ( with a Gold manager named FCB_Marcelo_3, we are in Italian Top league «VPG», and «Serie A» , «FVPA» and «ESL» ) and I am also player of the Norwegian Team : AC Strenua who played in «VPG Premier South». 

How did you become administrator of «iFVPA» ? Why exactly you ? 

I became an «iFVPA» administrator because an administrator already in place had recommended me to the owner of the ifvpa site. They knew that I could bring with me all the European nations and + as well as all the European clubs which he did not have. That’s what I did immediately when I took on this role. 
They mostly took me because there were no more administrator to organize the competitions : Champions League, Europa League, Euro Cup, World Cup. 
( So I organized all of this Competition on «iFVPA» ) 
To help me I had add Skritchi ( A guy From Luxembourg ) as admin with me. 

Why did you agree to cooperate with us? 

I agreed to cooperate with you («ACF») because on «iFVPA», I wasted my time...For organize all competition we need wait administrator of our site Juan all time... ( but he never answer...). Only him has rights. Even for a simple change of a player’s PSN for example. We can’t organize competition without having full rights to the site. Especially since Juan is never reactive. The only thing that matters to him is the South American competitions on iFVPA. So I recommend to all of Europe to follow me on «ACF» so that they all understood and they follow me. 

This is the reason why i left «iFVPA» for «ACF». To be honest the «ACF» site is much better than the «iFVPA» site, everyone knows it now. 

How did you invite so many teams in Friendship Cup ? 

In first, the rewards that acf offers without registration fees will interest all pro clubs. 
In second, I’ve had all the contacts of Clubs and Nations captains for all these years. No matter where I organize the competitions, they follow me. The competitions that I have always organized have always been clean. 

What are you expectations from Friendship Cup ? 

I expect a serious investment from all the teams as usual. I think the cash prize motivates the clubs a lot. 

Will it be interesting for participants to watch our live broadcasts of matches? If they come to our stream, we will try to learn some phrases in their languages. 

Yes it would be very interesting for them to watch all match broadcasts so they could also know the level of their opponent. 
You can learn their language just as they can try to learn your language. What would be nice else is to have english speaking commentator for the diffusion also. 

You know all teams from Friendship Cup, what do you think which teams have the most chances to win? 

Yes, I know them all apart from being one or two because I have always invited them to my competitions since I started the role of administrator. 
As an administrator I would not choose advantage of any teams. I would say that everyone has the chance to win under conditions of respecting our rules of course. 

Tell our readers what you will dо in «ACF» ? 

Dear readers : For «ACF», I plan to organize, Friendship CUP already in court, + Champions League, Europa League, euro Cup, world Cup, Nations league ( With Cash Prize) 

Thts good. I hope our tournament will be great and we will write our grand joint history. Are you going to visit Moscow? 

Yes it is expected that I come to Moscow. 
I will come to drink a glass of vodka with you too, prepare me your best bottle my friend ^^ Filmon and Fiminor have already invited me but currently with my work it is delicate. That said I would come for a weekend with my family to visit you, it is a certainty. I must also visit Antarctica, the South Pole ^^ 

I hope we all meet. Thanks for interview, bro!

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