Masta's friend is our friend. Kedo.

Mar 14, 2020, 2:16 PM


Кедо, PSN: Revo_di-meco_56

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Please, tell about yourself.

I'm Eric aka Kedo ( PSN: Revo_di-meco_56), 43 yo, in real life i'm a technologic teacher in secondary school.

Please, tell, when you contacted with Pro-Clubs ? 

Playing Pro club since FIFA 09-10.

Tell about you Pro-Clubs player career.

I am playing from 09, but in tournaments from 13. Al information about me you can see on site

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You have been playing for 10 another teams before you transfer in The Suns. That all list, or was more ?

Yes, but from fifa 16. Before 16 in other sites. That was old FVPA-FR FFC and EGC that are us , but changing name and loose all info.

You can remember a few?

Team Golden Boy and Kickro before. Revolution team too. That was on EGC FFC.

What is the most important tittles in you Pro-Clubs player career?

European champion with Wutang Clan against Gentlemen SAD (spain) in 2016.

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Well, now lets talk about your administrator career. How long time you di that ?

Administrator and community manager since 20 years ( CS, NeverWinterN, FIFA ) one of the founders of FVPAesport. Administrating Club pro since Fifa 15 , iFVPA first and FVPAesport after.

You are finished administraiting in ifVPA ? Before you administrator have been Masta?

I was administrator on FVPA-Fr which is the descendant of Fifa French Community, one of the founding community of iFVPA. (first using the VPN system). We have created FVPAesport, because some point of view was different. ( long story ;))

Masta administered on FVPAesport with Marko and myself before taking over the management of iFVPA.

I have only recently returned to iFVPA to help him and Skritchi as he asked me, because of our knowledge of the international management and communities. And now i help with ACF, while continuing to administer on FVPAesport.

FVPA, iFVPA, ACF .. how do you all have time?

Sleeping less than 6 hours a night, and always having a computer ipad iphone or else with discord and other in my hand.

By the way, how exactly will you help Masta in ACF ?

Because i'm structured in my head, i'm used with helping (as a teacher), always ready.

So he ask me about issues he encounters and i'm thinking about solutions.

And he knows that i have only one word, when i say yes i'm used to go to make the yes come true, in this virtual community i think it's not as oldfashioned as most of people think.

Could you be more specific?)) Tell me 1-2 points in which you will help to Masta at the ACF.

Schedule for international competitions ( eurocup nations league that was first been created in FVPAesport before Masta ask me to let ACF do), maybe presence in administration if Filmon (Maxim Kanygin) granted me right for french teams.

But i think that Masta might be well placed to tell , why he ask me to help.

But , the real advantage i have : no sleep always on. ;)

Hahah )) Its difficult) No sleep)

What did you like in ACF and how did you bring so many teams with you ? As i know, all french teams on Friendship Cup its you job, right ?

Really , i like the statistics system in ACF, and the fact that actualy they have a strong and efficiency admin and staff that fill in all the informations.

How i can bring so much team in ? FVPAEsport is the biggest site in france , with at least 70% of the french community in. And they are happy to participate in such a huge and famous competition with lots of high level teams.

Do you watched our streams ? How you think, they can be interesting for guys which not speak in russian language?

I have watch the friendly cup draw and the talamod (french team) game last week . They can be interesting if the teams are from other countries ( I wouldn’t take a look if it wasn’t a team I don’t know about) and with speakers from each countries.

How do you like our site? What are the pros and cons? In general, what are the pros and cons of ACF? Managed to figure it out?

i Like it because it’s a new one , but after that, some features are now common to several sites , and I don’t think giving more and more statistics will be awesome...

In addition to statistics, is there anything else you like in the ACF? How do you like the overall league level?

I haven’t see all the features so I can’t answer.

How do you rate the level of teams from Friendship Cup? And how you overall rate the level of Friendship Cup?

The Level is high, with most of the best teams from each countries, as well as FVPAesport have done before , or iFVPA in his time...

Why one french team starred from Friendship Cup? 

Sometimes shits happen, when a club have only one manager and this one have problem in life, difficult for him to handle everything and to be present in Virtual world... it’s sad for the competition but life first.

What are your plans for ACF? I mean besides helping to Masta, what you would want to do in ACF in future ? May be French League or another else ?

Hope that ACF won’t loose his superb ;) and continue to be the biggest in Russia as we are the one in France, and that we can all collaborate to create only « one time international competitions circuit ». One Champions league one Eurocup and not 5 or 6 in 5 or 6 multi-country sites

I’m someone that think there must be only one real strong championship per country and not foreign sites that open another competition for a country they are not from. But the « myself first » or , the « I do and after I talk to you to tell you are now weak »is prior in this world so every time we will have some new one that want to be better , doing the same only newer. History repeating...

How you think, who to be winner in Friendship Cup? Or could you say some teams, who have most chance ?

I won’t talk about a team, but about countries, high level are from portugal Spain england , I let you choose now ;)

Let it be team from Russia))) 

Finally. Would you like to tell something about which I did not ask? If not, you can just say hello to someone or something like that.

And thanks to you , ACF site for the competitions and all the sites that work well with each others everydays to grow up international friendship.

Appologize for my old mistakes and those that i haven’t done yet :)

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