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Hello everyone! The Friendship Cup is nearing the end, so we decided to get to know some of the teams closer. Today, our choice fell on the EGN-CD Feirense,SAD, which recently reached the semifinals.

Daniel Santos EGN-CD assistant, PSN: leixoesTheMan.

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Hello again) 

First, please, tell about yourself. Name, age, where a you from, profession. Tell as much as you think is necessary.

I'm Daniel Santos, 25 years old, I'm from Portugal (Lisbon), and I'm an energy engineer and PhD Student.

When did you contact with Fifa? When you start playing in Pro Clubs ? Tell little about your one or more pasts clubs. 

I start playing pro clubs on a "professional" way in 2016. In a team called Estoril-Praia Esports, then this team breached the contract with the club (Estoril-Praia) and went back to the old name FrangosPraFora. In the past FIFA this team signed a contract with another Portuguese club (CD Feirense) where we were runner-up in our domestic league ( First division FPF esports). In September 2019 CD Feirense and EGN decided to do a partnership and formed a fusion team (multigaming with a professional club) called EGN FeirenseSAD where im the co-manager.

Tell me more about you organization. You have a contract with professional football club Feirense, right?

It is the Feirense Stadium. Estádio Marcolino Castro (Marcolino Castro Stadium).

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If u want to discover more about our organizations u have this links.

Wow. Cool photos! Unfortunately, I cannot open them :( But I hope our readers will be able to do this.

What managed to achieve Feirense ? Listed titles or anothers merits.

EGN FeirenseSAD the only "professional title" that we have is: - Winners of the first season in FIFA 20 of the VPG Championship North. 

But EGN and Feirense had other merits and trophies. For example: EGN winners of taça da Liga FPF Esports in FIFA 19 and CD Feirense had a runner-up in 1st division FPF Esports in FIFA19.

One more question about your team. Tell about your squad (composition). What are the players? How you searched them ?

Other thing the responsible of EGN FeirenseSAD it isn't me. The big boss here it is Pedro Costa (pcosta23). But I'm the guy that is responsible for the international tournaments.

But it is a very interesting question, u can discover our players in our Twitter page ( But I cannot tell about our composition in terms of tactics because we want to surprise our opponents. But I can tell that we have 17 players and 2 managers in total. So the players had been chosen on the beginning of fifa20 and of course we wanted to choose the best.

I understand :) I found same pictures… very interesting.

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Tell you impressions about ACF? A team like yours comfortable playing with us? tell the pros and cons?

ACF has fantastic teams with excellent players. But of course we had a friendly rivalry with a Portuguese team: FTW Legacy. Last year they won almost everything but we want to make their work difficult this year.

Pros: - Strong teams and - strong organization. Cons: - Maybe the streaming part. They mostly show and talk about Russian teams (but I understand why).

Thanks a lot :) About cons - we work for this. Just my English right now is in not good for broadcast :)) We will solve it. Im trying sometimes contact with guys on broadcast in English, but it is little, i am understandig.

How you rate teams levels in Friendship Cup ? Who is leader for you ? Who have more chances for win ? And how you rate yourself chances ?

That's what i said that I understood. This was only a Russian league it is normal.

There are strong teams and not too strong teams. But I will say that we have 7 and 10 levels rate teams. Every team in semi finals have a chance too win. So I'm going to be humble and i will say 25%. This is fifa20 it isn't impossible to rate the chance of winning.

Yep) This game is crazy ) But I hope your team will take maximum pleasure from our tournament.

By the way, we have been working for a long time so that we have not only the Russian league, but many others. Do you think this is a good idea? Will teams from outside Russia like this idea?

If the teams have some level yes. But you need to talk with the strongest teams from every pro clubs country. Of course if u will do that it is an awesome idea .But u only can do that if the league has awards. Like this Friendship Cup.

Let's go back to Friendship Cup. Please, tell about your matches with Black Falconz It was difficult ? And few words about opponents.

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Black Falconz are a big team but we always play for the win and in the second game they couldn't do what they wanted. So as a I said in the last interview we always play for the victory.

What is your team mood for the next match? What are your chances of winning? What do you know about the next opponent - CF Uni Sport? They outplayed RB Salzig in a hot shootout.

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Uni Sport it is a good opponent and all Spanish teams are very difficult to play and of course they defeated RB Salzig so we need to be careful. Chances of winning 50%.

Well then. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer the questions. Good luck to you and your team! I hope you enjoy our stay.

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