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DANIEL SANTOS, EGN-CD assistant, PSN: leixoesTheMan 

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Congratulate you with final, your team did great job. Please, tell little about your last match with UNI Sport. I seen that match, it was amazing and very epic))Four matches with one disconnect and few minutes remaining for penalty series ... Tell about your impressions. What emotions did your team feel ?

Definitely it was a good match, Uni Sport are an awesome team strong in attack and defense. It a lot of experienced players. And of course, in the end of the final game we finally could breathe. And we were extremely happy with the victory.

What do you think, what is secret of win over UNI ?

The secret was to do our offensive game and be solid in the defense.

In past interviews we was speak with you about all opponents in play off. Tell, which team was most strong and wich match was most difficult ? 

I would say CS Marítimo and of course CF Uni Sport. The first one knew all the tactics and studied our team very well. And the second one, it is and extremely experienced team with fantastic players.

Your opponent in final is team from Russia - VFC Rubezh. What you can say about her ? How you rate her level ? 

We know VFC Rubezh very well, and of course they know us too. We were in the same group stage in iFVPA Champions League. In terms of rate I would say 9/10. It is difficult in this FIFA20 have a 10/10 team.

Please, few words about final. What we need wait from your team ? What will be the mood? What is your game plan?

Our objective was to play in the final. Now we are in the final and we need to be careful because both teams want to win this cup. In the final we need to be relaxed and with higher concentration levels. And our game plan is trying to break the VFC Rubezh defense and have a solid defense. In this final the best defense will win the game.

Mikhail Kovalishin, manager VFC Rubezh, PSN: Professor_SPB

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Please, tell about your last match with Levelz. Tell about your impressions. What emotions did your team feel ?

Emotions were not as strong as after Thats Football, but nonetheless were pleased that everything was going according to our plan. In addition, it was clear that the Irish were not ready to play the first number - very often they were mistaken in simple situations, for which we immediately punished them.

I agree. At some points you played the first number and looked very good. I even said on the broadcast that in this match it’s calmer when Rubezh with the ball. Why do you think emotions were not so strong?

Because it took too long to prepare for the confrontation with Thats Football)) In addition, the Germans came out probably the most difficult match in recent months, played very hard sop, because of the emotions of victory even more. Levelz acted much more directly, and from the first minutes it became + - it is clear that we will have much more freedom of action in the match with the Irish.

In the playoffs, you met with Columbus Pacers, PEST Scapulaire, Thats Football, Levelz. It turns out the most difficult match with Thats Footbal? Was there any other game for any reason?

With PEST Scapulaire, it was also very difficult. Victory to us (Pest Scapulaire as former winners of the Champions League after all) can be considered the starting point for our team, because we have realized that we can defeat any team.

Tell me about your opponent in the finals? What do you know about him? How do you rate him?

EGN, as I understand it, is the eternal rival of the legendary FTW Legacy in the Portuguese championship. That is, the team is very serious. We saw them playing on the stream, and before that we played against them in the group stage of the IFVPA Champions League, so we know what to do against such opponents. All that remains is for the plan to work.

Since we’ve already talked about the finale and about his plan, can’t you open a little curtain? What are the instructions? What is the mood of the team in front of perhaps the most important mast of the border in history?

I don’t think it makes sense to say anything about how we will play. It is enough to open any of our streams and everything becomes immediately clear.

I think the instructions here are superfluous. The team has a fighting spirit. We need to sweat two matches and take the cup.

Of course, we will show this match live. Come all be sure. 

The match starts on April 23 at 21:30 UK time.

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