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Champions of PFL! Polish Vikings Esports.

Hello everyone. The champions of all divisions have long been identified, so we will traditionally interview the captains of these teams. Let's start with PFL.

Juri Jurecki, capitan Polish Vikings Esports, PSN: PV_Juri_10

Добавьте описание

Please, tell about yourself and about you career player. 

On the Pro Clubs scene I am known as Juri (PSN: PV_Juri_10) and my nominal position on the pitch is Central Offensive Midfielder (CAM). From the very beginning of my adventure with this game, I play and develop only in the Pro Clubs mode.

My beginnings with FIFA start from 2013/2014, I started playing FIFA because I was interested and attracted to this game by previously mentioned mode.

I think that the real potential and beauty of this game is the Pro Clubs mode. This is a 100% reflection of real football, the career of our player, 11 vs 11 matches that provide us an amazing dose of emotions, especially in league stake matches.

I have been playing at the Polish Vikings Esports club since 2015, of which I am the founder. I was able to meet wonderful people and create a solid team with a family atmosphere.

Tell about story of your club.

Our beginnings are the FVPA Poland League where we performed under the old name

,,Polish Warriors'', we started from the 3rd League and we were promoted to the first league very quickly.

1 — Our first season at FVPA Poland. Season Nr. 9 - 3 League (still as Polish Warriors)

2 — Then promotion> FVPA Poland Sezon Nr. 10 - 2 League (still as Polish Warriors)

3- Then promotion to Ekstraklasa - 1 FVPA Poland League and that's when we changed the name of our club to ,,Polish Vikings Esports''

Over the next three seasons, we were able to fight the best teams in Poland as an equal, thus remaining in the Ekstraklasa - 1 League FVPA Poland

> FVPA Poland Season Nr. 11 - Premier League 1 League

> FVPA Poland Season Nr. 12 - Premier League 1 League

> FVPA Poland Season Nr. 13 - Premier League 1 League

After several seasons of intensive play in the FVPA Poland league, a new, very promising league called PLWK (Polish League of Pro Clubs) has appeared on the Polish Virtual Clubs scene from which we received an invitation. Since then, we have been playing in the PLWK league all the time, which is currently the best, strongest and the most prestigious league in Poland, that brings together all stable, best and most organized Polish clubs.

Currently the fourth season of the PLWK league is underway and our club is currently taking the third place.

Polish Vikings Esports, as the only team, took part in all cup finals organized by the Polish League of Pro Clubs. #PLWKCup.

Our results:

# 0 PLWK Polish Cup -> Final [# 2. Silver]

# 1 PLWK Polish Cup -> Quarter Final

Decent track record :)

Why you team name is Polish Vikings ?

We once established a cooperation with the telephone network ,,Mobile Vikings‘’.
After establishing cooperation we decided to change the name of the club to ,,Polish Vikings Esports‘’, cooperation no longer exists, but we decided to leave the name of our club.

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How did you find the players for you team? You have been problems wit this ?Tell about your squad.

In Poland, interest in the game FIFA and the mode of Pro Clubs is huge
There are many leagues, better and weaker.

Usually everything happens via Facebook, we have different pages for fans of this mode and that's where people usually advertise, look for a club, throw new information about their club.

My beginnings were difficult, meeting new people, selection … however, I was able to implement my plan in 100%. Step by step I was able to create a solid team with wonderful people.

If you want to set up your club, you must have a plan, be patient and pursue your goal.

Who from your squad can you single out for one reason or another? Maybe someone plays a big role in the attack or in defense, or in hints, or in organization (administraiting), or in something else.

Each player plays a very important role.

Everyone devotes their time and is 100% involved in the club's life

We want to have fun, develop and do everything professionally, we are open to cooperation and we are looking for e-sports solutions

Our club has a club management consisting of four people and people who help us with graphics and social media.

Everyone gives something from each other and therefore we can quickly move to a higher levelI would like to thank all players from the team. I appreciate everyone the same… I appreciate every person in our team.

How often you meet with players from your team in real life ?

A few people are my very close friends and I often see them.

We organize various meetings ... we all see each other during the award ceremony after the end of the Polish virtual league.

We see each other at least once a year.

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Who training team ? How training go ?

I train and manage a team.

I Prepare a lot of videos and photos that I present for the team, in this way we learn new things and fix our flaws. We practice new schemes and correct old ones. 

The key to all this is communication with the team, both during the match and after. 

What tasks does the team have for this season in ACF?

The tasks were simple, win the league and present yourself as well as possible in all cups.

We completed the tasks, we won the PFL league and cup.

Unfortunately, we failed in the Russian Cup, we gave presents to our opponents.

Did the top three winners expect it to be that way?

From the very beginning of the season I saw the podium like this:

1 — Polish Vikings Esports

2 — Dynamite Gaming

3 — Avengers Last Season

We felt very strong this season and were confident that we would win the championship, and Dynamite would not give second place. The only thing was doubt about the VFC PTZ, because they could surprise everyone and jump into 3rd place.

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Very self-confident :) When did your team finally understand that they would definitely win gold awards?

After the first half of the season.

We have found that we play very well with most opponents and we win without much problem, we dominated and controlled most matches.

It made us stronger and more confident.

What atmosphere prevails in the team? Harsh? Funny? Or some other?

We all know each other very well, there is a family atmosphere in the club.
There is a lot of laughter, fun and moments when you have to be serious, we know what we want to achieve and why we do it.

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What matches were the most memorable this season? On the good side.

The whole season in the PFL league will be an unforgettable, positive story for us.

It's great. But maybe there are at least some unpleasant memories? :)

The worst memory is the match 1/4 Russian Cup - Polish Vikings Esports (0: 1) VFC Inferno.

We gave our opponents a winning gift, we regret this match very much.

A triple crown would be interesting ... right ? :) .

Добавьте описание

Of course :) But not all the same to you xD Just kidding.

Have principled rivalries appeared in the league? It does not matter whether it is a player or a club.

We never underestimate anyone. We always want to show what we can do, believe that it was not our maximum :)

Positivism, sport anger ... individual statistics are also important to us but not as much as the victory and good of our team.

Tell me, were there any interesting stories related to your club?

There were many great moments, be it during games or our meetings.
Too long to talk about it .. all the time we are writing our little story :) 

What do you spend the prize money on? If it is not secret :)

We will pay for our promotion to the FNL league.

I don't know yet what we will do with the rest of the money, in total there are not too many of them ... but we will find an idea and let you know about it.

Such is our living wage xD

What are your plans for next season? Waiting for you again?

Wait for us, I promise that the next season will be even more interesting and better in our performance. FNL league … Polish Vikings are coming :)

We want to provide viewers with as many emotions and good performances as possible.

We will stay with you as long as you allow it.


Finally, I would like to invite anyone interested to follow our social media.

YouTube - Polish Vikings TV

On our channel you will be able to watch our struggles in various leagues in continuous live broadcasts

Facebook - Polish Vikings Esports

We are also active on Facebook.

Everyone can become one of us, your support drives and encourages us to act.

We're from Poland.

We're Vikings

,, We Fight To Win! ‘

That's cool ;) Wait you in next season. 

Finally, after winning the PFL league, I would like to say that: 

You are wonderful people, thank you with all my heart for a warm welcome to your league

Thank you to all teams for competition and administration for their hard work.

We are with you all the time and we will represent this league as well as possible.

Well then! It was the captain of the Viking! Thank you very much for the pleasant words, and also for taking the time to answer all the questions. See you next season :)

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