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International competition

Dec 30, 2021, 4:40 PM


In this interview we will talk with the winner of the FRIENDSHIP CUP Season 4 - Illegal Esports.

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Your club has already played 6 ACF tournaments and it's time for the swamis to get to know each other better. Tell us about the history of the club (how it came about) and what successes your club has achieved in its history.

Illegal esports are celebrating their third birthday this year. the beginning was not easy. we started out with a group of people sharing a common goal. our first achievement was winning the europe league in ifvpa. then it was time for the podium in the Polish league. the year 2021 was a beautiful summary of our activity. we won the Polish championship and the Polish cup. We also triumphed in the Friendship Cup and won the ESL tournament with a prize pool of $ 1100. we couldn't have dreamed of a better end to the year. The activity of our club also shows that it is worth building something with passion and persistence. despite the good times, we are still hungry for success
illegal owners- Jaga, Faber and jedraz ;)

How are you doing with the transition from ps4 to ps5?

For sure want to step forward and go to ps5 from FIFA 23. 2years i think enough time to manage new console for everyone. Also even FIFA for PS4 looking different now. Time to move on for all clubs.

What plans does the team have for 2022?

Plans always same. Win on every tournament we Play... Of course not always is like we want haha. But we try to focus on every single game. For 2022 ...-we want to win our league in vpg and defend title in Polish league. maybe also can show same quality in next Friendship Cup?;)

How would you rate the tournament - FRIENDSHIP CUP ?

Every time same good organisation. Statistics, stream and website is good. We know also that because most of spanish teams moved to ps5 it was little easier to get info final etc. But its not our problem of course.

The most difficult opponent in the tournament and how did you manage to pass it?

Answer is easy. Semis with VFC Krasnodar was like little final for US. it was the most dramatic game on this Friendship Cup i think. is a Good team and for sure IT was really tough games for them also.

Did you analyze your opponent's game before the final? asked for example advice from Polish teams that play in the Russian league)?

To be honest we didnt check our opponents on group stage. in knockout stage We saw that VFC Krasnodar beat other Polish teams so we check what they can offer. We saw also that in final Rebelde Way can play with two big strikers. We decide to cover options to cross. Even that score wasn only 1:0 we felt that they cannot do anything. So because of Rebelde tactic final was much easier than semis.

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You will continue to participate in our tournaments)?

For sure we will participate. We like to Play in ACF . Always good organisation also with v Commentary streams etc. High level. 

What are the pros and cons of the ACF website?

About website we dont have any cons. Maybe one thing ;) Polish ver. Of website Has funny translation of some Words. Pros? Its all clear and easy to find.

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